Balanced Living
My Life With Tea, Part One
Tea is perhaps the most healthful drink human beings can consume. But for me, it is also a personal, lifelong journey of discovery.
Healthy Living
What does healthy living mean to you? From what to look for in a doctor and how often you should get a physical, to caring for your health when you travel, use this section to help guide you in living a healthy life, everyday.
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Exercise & Fitness
The human body is meant for movement. A wide variety of modern epidemics, from heart disease to diabetes to osteoporosis, are rooted in our sedentary lifestyles. Lifelong physical activity is crucial to optimum health, but running marathons is not required. For a sensible perspective, explore here. NEW! Watch as Dr. Weil discusses his lifelong exercise preferences.
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Meet Dr. Weil

Twice on the cover of TIME magazine and author of 10 books, Andrew Weil, M.D. has become "The voice of reason in a deeply divided world," according to the San Francisco Examiner. But does he really live the lifestyle he recommends? Find out here.

Here's a complete list of all Dr. Weil's information:

For daily natural health tips, visit:
Dr. Weil's Daily Blog: Your Health Today

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Dr. Weil Events

Dr. Weil makes public appearances all over the world, and is a frequent guest on national television and radio shows. See his schedule here.

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Wellness Therapies

There are many paths to activating healing. Use the information here to learn about nature-based therapies that support optimum health, wellness, and recovery. Remember that  integrative medicine often means the prudent use of several healing modalities.

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“Gardening just makes me happy,” says Dr. Weil, who can often be found working amongst the vegetables and flowers of his organic garden. Learn his favorite growing techniques here.

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Healthy Home
A home should be a soothing, healing sanctuary and not a source of chemical and emotional stress. Learn more here.
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Meditation & Inspiration
The essence of spirituality is connectedness; an inner sense that we are not random, isolated creatures but part of something sacred and infinitely larger than ourselves. Discover pathways to spiritual growth here.
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Pets & Pet Care
Studies have shown that caring for a companion animal can lower blood pressure and even lengthen survival time after a heart attack. But pets need proper attention. To learn natural-care tips for animal companions, look here.
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Technology is everywhere, and can have both positive and negative effects on our mental and physical health. Learn more about how technology can impact your health.
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