All About Mushrooms

All About Mushrooms

From Dr. Weil’s licensing partner, Origins: Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins, Mega Mushroom

Welcome to Andrew Weil’s world of mushrooms and mega mushrooms! Mushrooms are unique in that they are neither plant nor animal – they have a kingdom all their own: The Kingdom of Fungi.

Read more about my partnership with Origins and how we began to use the science of anti-inflammation to address skin care.

Read on to learn more about the many uses and properties of mega mushrooms and find out Dr. Weil’s unique perspective below!

All photos courtesy of Fungi Perfecti.
  1. I visited Paul Stamets’ reishi growing facility several years ago.
  2. A shaggy inky cap or Coprinus comatus
  3. A chaga mushroom found on birch trees near Kripalu.
  4. An incredible reishi, resembling the Star Trek Enterprise.
  5. Here I am surrounded by an amazing display of reishi (photo courtesy of Betsy Bullman, Fungi Perfect).
  6. A healthy double reishi!

A Passion For Mushrooms: Dr. Weil’s Story

Dr. Weil has developed a lifelong passion and interest in all aspects of these spore-bearing, fruiting bodies of fungi. From learning the best ways to cook mushrooms, savoring their rich flavors and textures, to discovering their medicinal properties and health benefits, foraging for them in beautiful settings around the world, and identifying them to make sure that a species is edible (never guess about this!). Learn more about Dr. Weil and his fascination with fungi:

Dr. Weil Answers Questions About Mushrooms

Have you heard of chaga? Coprinus? Do you know the medicinal properties of reishi? The health benefits of cordyceps? Dr. Weil answers these and other reader questions below:

Photos From Lapland & Origins

In January of 2018, Dr. Weil spent some time in Lapland on a trip with Origins. Lapland is the northernmost province of Finland, above the arctic circle. See the pictures and learn more about the Mega Mushroom line of products:

Additional Product Ingredient Information

Ginger root used medicinally in herbal traditions for centuries. Holy Basil is used in Ayurvedic medicine as an “adaptogen” to counter life’s stresses. Sea Buckthorn: beautiful orange berries grow on thorn-bearing trees. In skin lactobacillus encourages the expression of beta defensins – proteins which increase skins resiliency. A balancing herb, Turmeric root is widely used to flavor food across Asia.

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