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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Food Safety
  1. Slave Labor At Sea?
  2. Worms In Salmon?
  3. Safe From Sprouts?
  4. Is There Lead In Your Tap Water?
  5. Are Tenderized Steaks Risky?
  6. Is Avoiding Meat Good For The Planet?
  7. What Are Ultra-Processed Foods?
  8. Do Phthalates Lead To Weight Gain?
  9. Is Mycotoxin Urine Testing Worthwhile?
  10. How Safe Are Pre-Washed Greens?
  11. Where’s the Grass-Fed Beef?
  12. Antibiotics In Fast Food?
  13. No More Meat?
  14. Is That Really Wild Salmon?
  15. Are “Pastured” Eggs Better?
  16. Too Much Arsenic in Wine?
  17. What Is The DARK Act?
  18. What’s Wrong With Peanut Skin?
  19. Can Cola Cause Cancer?
  20. Listeria on the Loose?
  21. New Take on Mercury in Fish?
  22. Can Trans Fats Worsen Memory?
  23. Big Salt Shakeout?
  24. Are Organic Imports the Real Thing?
  25. How Safe Is Food Packaging?
  26. Best Cutting Board?
  27. How Dangerous is Mold on Food?
  28. What’s Wrong with Food Coloring?
  29. How Healthy is Hemp?
  30. What’s Wrong With Fast-Food Bread?
  31. What Does “Mindful Eating” Really Mean?
  32. What’s Wrong with Cinnamon?
  33. Do Fried Foods Cause Cancer?
  34. Are Relaxation Drinks Worthwhile?
  35. Is Reheating Food Safe?
  36. New Rules on Gluten-Free Food Labeling?
  37. Antibiotics and Superbugs in Your Food?
  38. How Risky is Red Meat?
  39. Should You Drink Organic Wine?
  40. Eating Too Much Fruit?
  41. Confused About Carbonation?
  42. Flame Retardant In Your Soda?
  43. Seafood Scams: Avoiding Bad Fish?
  44. Is Boba Tea Bad?
  45. Is Chicory Good for You?
  46. Arsenic in Rice?
  47. Can Caffeine Kill?
  48. GMO: Label Genetically Modified Foods?
  49. Is Carrageenan Safe?
  50. Is the 5-Second Rule for Real?
  51. Is Fukashima Radiation Contaminating Fish?
  52. Can You Eat that Weed?
  53. Antibiotics and Arsenic in Chickens?
  54. A Carcinogen in Your Bread?
  55. Food Coloring From Crushed Beetles?
  56. Purging Pink Slime?
  57. Sassafras Tea Safety?
  58. Toxic Tomatoes?
  59. Are Food Wrappers Toxic?
  60. Safe, Sustainable Farmed Salmon?
  61. Concerned About Hamburger Safety?
  62. Ammonia in Ground Beef?
  63. Scombroid Poisoning: Eating Bad Fish?
  64. Is Honey Healthy?
  65. Ozone for Food Safety?
  66. Pour on the Parsley?
  67. Is Meat Too Red to be True?
  68. What’s Wrong with Grapefruit Juice?
  69. Avoiding Hormones in Meat and Poultry?
  70. Organic Salmon: Confusion in the Fish Market?
  71. Food Safety: Making Wise Choices
  72. How Dangerous Is Farmed Salmon?
  73. What’s the Best Barbecue?
  74. How Dangerous Are Eggs?
  75. More Mercury in Fish?
  76. Avoid Egg Substitutes?
  77. Reheating Cooking Oil?
  78. Enova: A Healthier Oil for Your Salads?
  79. How Can You Tell If Salmon Is Really Wild?
  80. Is Deer Meat Dangerous?
  81. Too Much Mercury in Freshwater Fish?
  82. Are Packaged Greens Safe?
  83. Can Gelatin Cause Mad Cow Disease?
  84. Is Meat from Cloned Animals Safe?
  85. Avoid Artificial Flavors?
  86. Is Broccoli Bad for the Thyroid?
  87. Dangerous Diet Foods?
  88. Sipping Too Many Calories?
  89. Is Irradiated Food Safe?
  90. Worried about Mad Cow Disease?
  91. Is There Poison in Potatoes?
  92. Are There Bugs in Your Beverage?
  93. Perplexed About Peanuts?
  94. Aspartame: Can a Little Bit Hurt?
  95. Food Combinations: A Health Hazard?
  96. Can Carrageenan in Some Soy Milk Cause Cancer?
  97. Are Raw Foods a Problem for Thyroid Conditions?
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