Mushroom Stock


Serves 4-6

This recipe is courtesy of Dr. Weil’s True Food Kitchen restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

A True Food Kitchen restaurant exclusive! This mushroom stock is a pleasant and flavorful twist on your standard vegetable version. It’s a tasty broth on its own, or it works exceptionally well as the base of a delicious vegetarian stew. It only has a shelf life of 3-5 days, but once you’ve tasted this stock, using it quickly will not be a problem!

Food as Medicine
Shiitake mushrooms contain an active compound called lentinan, a polysaccharide that has been studied for its ability to strengthen the immune system.


2 gallons of water
1 ounce dry shiitake mushrooms
2 onions
4 stalks of fennel
4 carrots
4 tablespoons tamari


  1. Clean and chop all vegetables.
  2. Cover with water/tamari mixture and simmer 1.5 hours.
  3. Strain mushrooms and discard.

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