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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Women
  1. No More Pelvic Exams?
  2. No More Menopause?
  3. Hot Flashes: How Long?
  4. What Is Vaginal Seeding?
  5. Fibroid Treatment For Better Sex?
  6. Why More Mastectomies?
  7. Female Sex Drive Drug?
  8. Detox The Vagina?
  9. Menopause And Metabolic Syndrome?
  10. New Treatment for Hair Loss In Women?
  11. Hot Flash Hell?
  12. Hysterectomy Hazard?
  13. Why Do Women Gain Weight After Menopause?
  14. Treating Yeast Infections
  15. No More Pap Tests?
  16. Aspirin to Prevent Ovarian Cancer?
  17. Why Do Women Have More Strokes?
  18. Are Vaginal Lubricant Products Harmful?
  19. Ovarian Cancer: Substandard Care?
  20. Do Heart Attacks Feel Different To Women?
  21. HRT: Rethinking Hormones Again?
  22. How Dangerous Is Hormone Replacement Therapy?
  23. Can Menopause Mess Up Your Memory?
  24. How Risky Are Breast Implants?
  25. Maca for Menopausal Symptoms?
  26. Why Did Wanda Sykes Get a Double Mastectomy?
  27. How Long Do Hot Flashes Last?
  28. Vaginitis
  29. Alexia for Natural Breast Reduction?
  30. Perforated Uterus?
  31. Is Chocolate a Healthy Treat for Mom?
  32. Is Horseback Riding Harmful to Women?
  33. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  34. Eliminating an Ovarian Cyst?
  35. Perimenopause
  36. Ovarian Cyst
  37. Mastitis
  38. Fibroids
  39. Endometriosis
  40. Keishi-bukuryo-gan: Japanese Remedy for Hot Flashes?
  41. Missing Menstruation?
  42. What Causes Breast Calcifications?
  43. Have Enough Hormones?
  44. Treating Abnormal Bleeding?
  45. Tomatoes for Endometriosis?
  46. Testing Testosterone?
  47. Coping with Creepy Crawlies?
  48. Are There Natural Treatments for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?
  49. Are Bioidentical Hormones Better?
  50. Bacterial Vaginosis: Fighting a Feminine Infection?
  51. Forskolin for Urinary Tract Infections?
  52. Ending Endometriosis?
  53. The Feminine Spirit
  54. Bad News About Black Cohosh?
  55. Overcoming Over-Active Bladder?
  56. Mistletoe for Cancer?
  57. Preserving Women’s Wisdom
  58. No More Tamoxifen?
  59. Women’s Health Tip – What Works for Varicose Veins?
  60. Cervical Dysplasia
  61. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  62. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  63. Menopause Symptoms and Treatments
  64. A New Treatment for Hot Flashes?
  65. Fretting about Fibroids?
  66. Vexed by Varicose Veins?
  67. New Ovarian Cancer Treatment?
  68. Prone to PMS?
  69. Alternatives to Estrogen?
  70. Pelvic Prolapse Problems?
  71. A Test for Ovarian Cancer?
  72. Strategy to Prevent Scars?
  73. Suffering from Stress Incontinence?
  74. Relieving Women’s Genital Pain?
  75. Entering Menopause or Pre Menopause Too Early?
  76. Safe Hormone Strategy?
  77. Choosing a Healthy Mother’s Day Gift?
  78. Why Should Women Worry about Heart Disease?
  79. Should Women Have Stress Tests?
  80. Is Memory Loss One Of The Symptoms Of Menopause?
  81. Does Black Cohosh Act Like Estrogen?
  82. Can Veggies Prolong Life After Cancer?
  83. Fibroids: Is Food a Factor?
  84. Had Enough Wild Yams?
  85. Can Lead Cause High Blood Pressure?
  86. Why Bother with Castor Oil Packs?
  87. Help for Hot Flashes?
  88. Sexual Solutions for Women?
  89. Natural Diuretics for Fighting Fluid Retention?
  90. Estrogen Alternative: A Safe Bet?
  91. Women’s Health & Soy?
  92. Hormone Replacement: What Now for Women?
  93. Best Treatment for Heavy Periods?
  94. How Much Body Fat Do We Need?
  95. Alternatives to Prescription Estrogen Cream?
  96. What Are the Benefits of Natural Progesterone Creams?
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