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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Aging Gracefully
  1. Can Infection Cause Alzheimer’s?
  2. Does Cancer Protect Against Alzheimer’s?
  3. Blueberries To Prevent Alzheimer’s?
  4. Vitamin C To Fight Cataracts?
  5. Energy Boost For The Elderly?
  6. Banishing Balance Problems?
  7. Do Heartburn Drugs Cause Dementia?
  8. Is Dementia Declining?
  9. Learning a New Sport: Good for the Brain?
  10. Acupuncture For Hot Flashes?
  11. How Well Can You Smell?
  12. No Midlife Crisis?
  13. 8 Energy-Boosting Eating Tips
  14. Who Takes Care Of The Caregiver?
  15. Staying Healthy On A Budget
  16. 4 Changes For Life Satisfaction
  17. Tips for Weight Loss
  18. March Seasonal Foods
  19. 3 Foods That Promote Healthy Vision
  20. Sense of Humor And Alzheimer’s Risk?
  21. Can Drugs Cause Alzheimer’s?
  22. How Fast Are You Aging?
  23. Saffron for Macular Degeneration?
  24. Peanut Butter Test for Alzheimer’s?
  25. Worrying About Alzheimer’s?
  26. Can Young Blood Slow Aging?
  27. Too Much Meat in Middle Age?
  28. Could You Live to Be 150?
  29. Antidepressants for Alzheimer’s?
  30. Should Seniors Worry About Weight?
  31. Does Copper Lead to Alzheimer’s?
  32. Can Brain Exercise Really Keep You Sharp?
  33. Do You Sense Your Memory Slipping?
  34. Can Carbs Cause Alzheimer’s?
  35. Is Looking Old Unhealthy?
  36. Why Do Women Live Longer than Men?
  37. An Anti-Alzheimer’s Plan?
  38. Enzymes to Fight Inflammation?
  39. Dealing With Early Onset Alzheimer’s?
  40. Reducing Whole Body Inflammation?
  41. Alzheimer’s Alert?
  42. Thimerosal: Can Flu Shots Lead to Alzheimer’s?
  43. Better Treatment for Parkinson’s?
  44. Rutin to Boost Blow Blood Flow?
  45. Is Fatter Better as You Age?
  46. Neurotransmitters: What Tests Work Best?
  47. Fitness Plan for Seniors?
  48. Food to Fight Alzheimer’s?
  49. Can’t Drink Enough Red Wine?
  50. Why Write an Ethical Will?
  51. Can You “Manage” Aging?
  52. Preventing Alzheimer’s with NSAIDs?
  53. My Aging Brain: What’s Your Name, Again?
  54. Eliminating Age Spots?
  55. Sharpening Brainpower?
  56. Reversing Alzheimer’s?
  57. The Eyes of Dr. Weil
  58. Four Healthy Behaviors Add 14 Years
  59. Does Discipline Delay Alzheimer’s?
  60. Bad Attitude Toward Aging?
  61. 2 Ways to Protect the Brain
  62. Can Scents Boost Memory?
  63. How To Live To Be 100
  64. HGH: A Shortcut to Healthy Aging?
  65. Taking a Leap!
  66. Toast Your Good Health With Resveratrol?
  67. How Long Will You Live?
  68. Graceful Aging & Well-Being
  69. Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention
  70. Managing Macular Degeneration
  71. 8 Ways to Fight Memory Loss
  72. Dementia
  73. 3 Ways to Prepare for Lifelong Health
  74. Dr. Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet
  75. Aging Gracefully for a Life in Balance
  76. Bacopa: A Better Memory Booster?
  77. Do You Need These Tests?
  78. Folic Acid to Boost Memory?
  79. Hydergine: Desire Better Brain-Power?
  80. Best Workouts for the Brain?
  81. A Supplement to Boost Brainpower?
  82. Protecting the Brain from Aging?
  83. Treating Polymyalgia Rheumatica?
  84. A Pill to Prevent Alzheimer’s?
  85. Too Old to Build Muscle?
  86. Exercise, Eating to Enhance Memory?
  87. Eating to Prevent Alzheimer’s?
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