6 Simple Ways To Prepare For Sleep

If you have trouble winding down and preparing yourself for sleep, there are simple ways you can help get your body and mind ready for a restful state.

How to prepare for sleep:

  • Try to give yourself some time – up to an hour – in dim light before you go to sleep at night. Lower the lighting in your house and bedroom. If other members of the household object, wear sunglasses.
  • Pay attention to sleep hygiene – all the details of lifestyle, including intake of caffeine and bedroom design, that affect the quality of sleep. When you are ready to go to sleep, try to keep your bedroom completely dark.
  • If your mind is too active when you get into bed, you will not be able to fall asleep – no matter how tired you are. It is good to know one or more relaxation techniques that can help you disengage from thoughts. Visualization is a good one to try.
  • Try natural sleep aids. Valerian and melatonin are effective remedies for insomnia. Chamomile tea, a warm bath with jasmine-scented soaps (the scent of jasmine is an effective anxiety reducer), and calming music can also be relaxing and sleep-inducing.
  • Don’t eat before bed. It can disrupt your sleep, so instead eat a few hours before you are ready for bed.
  • If you do wake early, try to use the time productively. Read or write for an hour, then try to go back to sleep until morning. Think yin-yang – a period of nighttime wakefulness complements your daytime nap.

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