Whole Grains: 5 Ways To Eat Healthier

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One of the best nutritional decisions you can make is to replace the daily flour-based carbohydrates with true (not pulverized) whole grains. The body metabolizes large, intact grains more slowly, preventing blood sugar “spikes” that are followed by “lows.” The result is a steady, productive energy that propels you through the day.

Healthy whole grain options include:

  1. Brown rice. It is nutritionally superior to white rice, as it retains the outer bran and germ layers of the grain and all the vitamins, minerals, fiber and fatty acids that are housed there. Try it in the Mediterranean Stuffed Grape Leaves
  1. Quinoa. High in magnesium, quinoa is also a good source of manganese, iron and vitamin B2, and has the highest protein content of any grain.Try the Quinoa Fried Rice
  1. This grain is gluten-free, easily digestible, and provides about one-third the daily value of manganese and magnesium. Try it in the Toasted Grain Pilaf recipe.
  1. Kasha. A hearty, versatile grain that can be used for savory and sweet dishes alike. Try Kasha and Vegetables.
  1. Bulgur. Popular in Middle-Eastern dishes, Bulgur is actually parboiled, dried and broken wheat berries, and rich in calcium, folate and zinc. Use it in any Tabbouleh recipe!

If you want to make the switch to whole grains, consider using a thermal regulated rice cooker. It is a simple and efficient way to cook whole grains, as well as small legumes such as lentils. Fill the cooker, turn it on and let it do its job – grains are cooked perfectly, and the heat automatically lowers to keep it warm for hours.

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