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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Exercise & Fitness
  1. Is Pedelec Biking Good Exercise?
  2. Will A Shorter Workout Work?
  3. Is Yoga Good For The Brain?
  4. Does Exercise Really Build Bone?
  5. Does Weight Lifting Protect The Brain?
  6. A Pill to Replace Exercise?
  7. Yoga For Arthritis?
  8. Exercise For Fatty Liver Disease?
  9. How Much Exercise for Longer Life?
  10. How Dangerous Are Treadmills?
  11. Walking to Shed Stress?
  12. The Gentle Salvation of Walking
  13. Can Exercise Make You Sick?
  14. Do You Have Exercise Genes?
  15. Exercise for a Better Microbiome?
  16. Best Time for Exercise?
  17. Cooling Down After Exercise?
  18. No Pain, No Gain?
  19. Breast Pain During Exercise?
  20. Balance Board: Are You Losing Your Balance?
  21. A Workout in Four Minutes
  22. Pigeon Pose
  23. Plow Pose
  24. Yoga Props: Helpful or Harmful?
  25. Lotus Pose
  26. Staff Pose
  27. Legs Up the Wall Pose
  28. Warrior I Pose
  29. Mountain Pose
  30. Hero Pose
  31. Warrior III Pose
  32. Standing Forward Bend Pose
  33. Better to Run Barefoot?
  34. Corpse Pose, Savasana
  35. Cat-Cow Pose
  36. Child’s Pose
  37. Exercise: Indoor or Out?
  38. Bikram Yoga: Too Hot to Handle?
  39. When is the Best Time to Exercise?
  40. Walking Off a Burger?
  41. Is Stretching Necessary?
  42. Downward-Facing Dog
  43. Concerned About Your Core?
  44. Sore from Shin Splints?
  45. Combining Aerobics with Strength Training?
  46. Cool Down With Coconut Water?
  47. Prevent Overheating During Exercise
  48. Walking v. Running?
  49. Graston Technique: Pain in the Thigh?
  50. Climb the Empire State Building?
  51. Is Zumba Good Exercise?
  52. Is Yoga Really Risky?
  53. Are Ultramarathons Unhealthy?
  54. Why Are My Muscles Sore?
  55. Can Exercise for Depression Backfire?
  56. Walking While You Work?
  57. Exercise Pitfalls
  58. Muscle Trimming
  59. Strength Training with Weights
  60. Tai Chi
  61. Stretching 101
  62. 13 Simple Aerobic Tips
  63. Yoga: More Than a Workout
  64. Six Alternative Aerobic Activities
  65. How to Make Exercise a Habit
  66. Walking: The Best Exercise
  67. The Pros and Cons of Running
  68. Swimming is the Lifetime Exercise
  69. Cycling is Easy on the Joints
  70. How Much Exercise Do We Need?
  71. Why Exercise Programs Don’t Work
  72. Why Must We Exercise?
  73. Aerobic Exercise for Well-Being
  74. Making Aerobic Exercise Simple & Fun
  75. Hate to Exercise?
  76. Does Exercise Make You Sick?
  77. Yearning to Learn Yoga?
  78. An Interview with Taejoon Lee
  79. Arnica for Pain?
  80. An Interview with Dan Bornstein
  81. Dance Your Way to Fitness?
  82. Nine Simple Fitness Tips
  83. Bridge Pose
  84. Cobra Pose
  85. Extended Side Angle Pose
  86. Full Boat Pose
  87. Seated Forward Bend Pose
  88. Tree Pose
  89. Warrior II Pose
  90. Wide-Legged Forward Bend
  91. Preventing Side Stitches?
  92. Cobblestones: A Chinese Way to Walk?
  93. Dealing with a Dangerous Exercise Injury?
  94. Tennis Anyone?
  95. Just Move More to Lose Weight?
  96. Weight Control Worries?
  97. Exercise for the Disabled?
  98. Running in Water?
  99. New Year’s Fitness Resolution?
  100. Exercise Before Eating to Fight Fatty Foods?
  101. Ready to Lift Weights?
  102. Exercise Programs for Seniors?
  103. Is Your Workout on the Ball?
  104. Choosing the Right Weights?
  105. What’s the Best Workout?
  106. A Watery Workout?
  107. Is Walking Worthwhile?
  108. Is Insulin OK to Boost Athletic Performance?
  109. Firm Up To Fight Flab?
  110. Stretching: Is It Optional?
  111. Burn Calories with Belly Dancing?
  112. To Spin or Not to Spin
  113. Walking Better with Poles?
  114. Is It Safe to Follow the Body for Life Program?
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