Video: Tai Chi - Meditative Movement

Tai chi expert Barry Brownstein demonstrates the Meditative Movement. This is often the first tai chi movement a practitioner will make before transitioning into other movements or postures. Begin this movement by entering a meditative state. Visit Barry’s website for more information.

Music: “Misty Mountain Valley” by George Bolger |

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Video Transcript: Tai Chi – Meditative Movement

Hi, my name is Barry Brownstein and this is Jason Webster, and we’re going to show you some fundamental Tai Chi movements. When doing Tai Chi meditative movements, the first thing to do is to get into the meditative state. Once you’re in a meditative state, you can do meditative movement. From the meditative state, bring the energy out of your belly and into your palms, facing them towards each other, face them to the earth, and let them fall. Scoop up a ball, right in front of your lower abdomen, raise it up to eye-level, bring your hands forward and up. At eye level, open and point your fingers out 45 degrees, let your hands fall and bring them back in front of your belly, your lower belly. Flip your palms, face them up, hold that big beach ball, and lift it forward and upward to eye level. Open your palms, face the earth, then your hands float down and you bring your hands back in, towards your belly. When your hands rise, your legs rise, up and open, down and when your legs fall, your hands fall. So you move your arms and legs together. It’s inhale and exhale, you’ve got to slow down the bottom part so it’s even with the top part. And you inhale and exhale. Again, you should be in that meditative state, with the strain on top of your head. Tongue at the roof of the mouth, eyes gazing into infinity, listening inwardly, and breathing in and out of your abdomen. You conclude by bringing your hands back in front of your lower abdomen.

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