Video: Tai Chi - Left & Right Holding Tai Chi Ball

Tai chi expert Barry Brownstein demonstrates the “Left and Right, Holding Tai Chi Ball” movement. Begin this movement by entering a meditative state. Visit Barry’s website for more information.


Music: “Misty Mountain Valley” by George Bolger |

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Video Transcript: Tai Chi – Left & Right Holding Tai Chi Ball

Hi, my name’s Barry Brownstein and this is Jason Webster. We’re going to show you some tai chi movements. This one we call Left and Right Holding Tai Chi Ball. Start from the meditative state.

So from the meditative state, the quieted, centered tai chi state. Bring the energy out of your belly and into your palms. Now keep your feet planted, twist your body to the right, and bring your right hand on top, your left hand under. Turn to the front as your hands go back to horizontal and then go the other way.

Try to make a coordinated motion from twisting and moving, and then go back to the front. So you’re holding this tai chi ball, you breathe in as you move to the side, one hand on top of the ball, one hand under. Turn to the front, you don’t drop the ball.

That’s for this exercise, don’t drop the ball. Turn to the other side, inhale when you move to the side, exhale when you move to the front, and continue. Inhale to the side, exhale to the front. Slow down, take your time, take your time, and take your time. This one to the front, you’ve got to really slow down so it balances. You should be able to feel this, on your palms, a sensation of a ball. If you can, keep your presence of attention on every millimeter of motion. You’ll begin to stray less and less, you’ll stop thinking about lunch, and what the kids did, and you’ll be present, holding that Tai Chi ball.

The more you do this, the stronger that ball feeling gets. Go back to the front, and place that ball back into your lower abdomen, where that energy ball resides. That one we call Left and Right Holding Tai Chi Ball.

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