Video: Spices With Dr. Weil - Cinnamon

Dr. Weil discusses recent medical research into therapeutic uses of cinnamon. Prized in the cuisines of many cultures for its distinctive, spicy “bite,” there is also evidence suggesting cinnamon may stabilize blood sugar, which would make it useful in managing type 2 diabetes.


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Video Transcript: Spices With Dr. Weil – Cinnamon

We have cinnamon here, this is cinnamon bark, and this is ground cinnamon. A warming spice that I think is universally loved. It’s used throughout Asia, Europe and the New World and recently, cinnamon has been found to have a significant blood sugar lowering effect and has been recommended as a dietary addition for people with pre-diabetes or with Type 2 diabetes. And there are cinnamon supplements that you can get, you know, but it might be fine just to add a teaspoon of cinnamon a day to food that you eat.

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