Video: Cayenne Pepper - Spices in the Kitchen

Watch as Dr. Weil discusses the health benefits of cayenne pepper. Commonly known in its powdered form as red pepper, it’s a popular spice worldwide and especially beneficial for alleviating stomach issues. It increases circulation and can bring more blood to the stomach lining, which is why sipping red pepper tea may help those who are prone to ulcers.


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Video Transcript: Cayenne-Spices in the Kitchen

This is cayenne pepper, which is a form of chili pepper, capsicum. I mean, of course we get chilies in all sorts of forms. Red pepper is also warming. It increases circulation, and obviously this is something that many people throughout the world love and especially widely used in tropical climates hot climates. Mexico is outstanding for its consumption of chili, as is India. Many people come to like hot food. Some people get, I think, addicted to the endorphin rush from eating really strong chilies. This is useful, believe it or not, for inflammation of the stomach because it brings more blood to the inner surface of the stomach. It’s good for increasing circulation throughout the body. Generally a useful thing. Also, it is a high source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

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