Video: Exercise in Dr. Weil's Life

Throughout his life, Dr. Weil has practiced various types of exercises. From running and hiking to biking and swimming, see which ones he enjoyed in his youth and middle age – and which he chooses now. Read more about fitness and excerise for good health.


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Video Transcript: Exercise in Dr. Weil’s Life

You know up until the time I finished my medical training; I was pretty sedentary and just didn’t give a thought to being physically active. Then, I discovered, you know, how important that was. I think first I started doing yoga and walking a lot. Then I got into doing a lot of hiking outdoors. Then I started running and that was probably in my, I don’t know, early thirties maybe. I don’t know how many years I did that for but I definitely, after some years, got messages from my knees that they didn’t like doing that. I mean, I’m not built to be a sprinter. So I shifted to cycling, and I rode a mountain bike for a number of years and that was my main exercise along with hiking. And then I don’t know when I really began easing into swimming. That’s really become my major exercise. I still do some cycling and walking, but I love swimming. It just really agrees with me and it seems to agree with my body at this point in my life. I’ve always advised people to pay attention to the changes that come in your body with time and to adapt forms of physical activity to that. I have seen countless people, the example I always use is the men who refused to stop playing basketball when they get into their forties and then injure themselves to the point where their options are very limited. Or people of both genders who run and ignore those signals from the knees, and then, again options are very limited.

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