Video: Cooking with Dr. Weil - Herb Vinaigrette

Dr. Weil makes a delightful French-inspired Herb Vinaigrette in his kitchen in Tucson, Ariz. While Dr. Weil uses parsley, feel free to use any fresh herbs you like to make this dressing suit your tastes.


Try Herb Vinaigrette over mixed greens for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

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Video Transcipt: Cooking with Dr. Weil – Herb Vinaigrette

I’m going to make a very simple herb vinaigrette, with olive oil, white wine vinegar and mustard. I’m going to use some chopped parsley; you could put garlic in this, you could put finely minced scallions or onion, you could put some thyme. You know, whatever strikes your fancy or you could leave the herbs out also. I have a bit of fresh thyme that I’m going to put in here as well. Thyme is potent so, I’m not going to use a whole lot of it. You know, I often don’t measure when I do this, but you can find measurements on the website. But what I would do is take maybe a generous tablespoon of whole grain mustard and to that I’m going to add about a quarter cup of white wine vinegar. You could use red wine vinegar too. I like the color with white in this. I’m going to put in a bit of salt and pepper and then I’m going to whisk the mustard, wine vinegar, salt and pepper together and then I’m going to add good extra virgin olive oil in a slow stream, while whisking.
You can also put all this together in a jar and shake it, but the texture comes out better, you get a creamy emulsion if you beat it in this way. I sometimes like to put fresh dill and parsley in this, but this is a basic French dressing and then I might just taste this. That’s pretty close, so as I say, I tend not to measure this. I just add oil until it tastes right but it may be about, if you use a quarter cup of vinegar, maybe a cup of olive oil. You know if it still seems too sharp you can add more oil to it. And then I’m going to add the parsley and thyme. Ok and that’s a great vinaigrette for green salad. You can keep it in the refrigerator and just beat it up again before you’re ready to serve it.

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