Have Joint Pain? Try These 5 Dietary Tactics

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A healthy diet can help the body in its efforts to heal itself, and in some cases, particular foods can lessen symptoms. To address problems commonly associated with arthritis, try the following:

  1. Decrease protein toward 10 percent of daily caloric intake. Replace animal protein as much as possible with organic plant protein.
  2. Eliminate milk and milk products, substituting other calcium sources like fortified nut milks and dark, leafy greens.
  3. Eliminate polyunsaturated vegetable oils, margarine, vegetable shortening, all partially hydrogenated oils, and all foods that might contain trans-fatty acids (such as deep-fried foods). Use extra-virgin olive oil as your main fat.
  4. Increase intake of omega-3 fatty acids. Wild caught Alaskan salmon and ground flaxseed are two sources.
  5. Eat ginger and turmeric regularly, both of which are natural anti-inflammatories.

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