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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: General Health
  1. Why Have Generic Drug Costs Skyrocketed?
  2. Super Glue For First Aid?
  3. Why Cry?
  4. Can Bad Weather Cause Pain?
  5. Laugh Yourself Healthy?
  6. Return of the Phthalates?
  7. Are We Getting Taller?
  8. Too Many Prescription Drugs?
  9. Unnecessary Antibiotics?
  10. Are You Sure You Can Swim?
  11. Can Chemical Fumes Affect Memory, Thinking?
  12. Are Home Genetic Tests Worthwhile?
  13. Can Swearing Lessen Pain?
  14. Are Strokes Striking Young People?
  15. Is Resistant Starch Good for You?
  16. Parabens Paranoia?
  17. What Foods Should You Lose?
  18. What to Do About Whiplash?
  19. Do You Know Your Fitness Age?
  20. Does Slow Metabolism Make You Fat?
  21. Does Sleep Sweep the Brain?
  22. Frustrated with the Food Police?
  23. Do Your Genes Make You Fat?
  24. Is It Better to Be Short?
  25. Activated Charcoal for a Cleaner You?
  26. Can Smartphones Make Your Skin Sag?
  27. Does Obesity Cause Migraines?
  28. Are You Taking the Right Dosage?
  29. What's That Urine Smell From Asparagus?
  30. Is Hair Analysis Worthwhile?
  31. Best Way to Start the Day?
  32. Why Does Eating Make Me Sweat?
  33. Is Concierge Medicine Right for You?
  34. Do Away with a Double Chin?
  35. What's With "Urgent Care"?
  36. Curing Phantom Limb Pain?
  37. Do You Really Need Deodorant?
  38. Is Plastic Wrap Safe?
  39. No More Grapefruit Juice?
  40. Are Saliva Tests Any Good?
  41. Is There Anything to "Earthing"?
  42. Can Honey Heal?
  43. Avoiding Airline Food?
  44. Too Fat to be an Organ Donor?
  45. Botox for the Bladder?
  46. Pills Past Their Prime?
  47. What's Economy Class Syndrome?
  48. Do You Need a Whooping Cough Shot?
  49. Mass Hysteria Mystery?
  50. Holiday Travel Hazards?
  51. Presyncope: Almost Fainting?
  52. Twitching Too Much?
  53. Capsaicin: Pepper for Pain?
  54. Do Alcohol and Antibiotics Mix?
  55. Stuttering Solution?
  56. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers: Is Oxygen Therapy Useful?
  57. Cured by Kombucha?
  58. Why Not Divide Pills?
  59. Health Risks of Traveling Abroad?
  60. Too Many Health Complaints?
  61. Do You Know Your Family Health History?
  62. Can Inhaled Scents Be Harmful?
  63. Blood Test Results: What is Normal?
  64. What Blood Tests Do I Need?
  65. Are Routine Physical Exams Necessary?
  66. Hydrogen Peroxide for Good Health?
  67. Bioresonance Therapy: Better Diagnostic Method?
  68. Bummed by Bakers' Cysts?
  69. Vitamin Treatment for Seizures?
  70. Is DLPA a Good Option for Chronic Pain?
  71. Does Clay Detoxify?
  72. Forgetful After Surgery?
  73. Is Amalaki Juice Worthwhile?
  74. Beating Bell's Palsy?
  75. Thumbs Down on Stem Cell Enhancers?
  76. Reconnective Healing?
  77. Acoustic Neuroma: Battling a Benign Brain Tumor?
  78. Bad Blood Test?
  79. Can Climate Change Make You Sick?
  80. Treating Ringworm With Tea Tree Oil?
  81. Are Generics As Good As Brand-Name Drugs?
  82. Aluminum: A Vaccine Danger?
  83. Are Saliva Tests Worthwhile?
  84. What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?
  85. Choosing Chelation?
  86. Feeling Faint During a Blood Test?
  87. Why Am I Always Chilly?
  88. Need Help for Hemorrhoids?
  89. A Hormone Treatment for Nosebleeds?
  90. Dizzy Every Day?
  91. Is Coffee Good for You?
  92. Can Honey Heal?
  93. Nanosilver for Molluscum and More?
  94. Need More Oxygen?
  95. A Dark View of Your Blood?
  96. All Set for Surgery?
  97. Forget Something?
  98. Too Much Potassium?
  99. New Uses for Botox?
  100. Prepared to Beat the Heat?
  101. Conquering Cravings?
  102. Preventing Pleurisy?
  103. Skittish about Saunas?
  104. Got the Hiccups?
  105. Olive Oil for Pain Relief?
  106. Painful Bladder Problem?
  107. Are Glandular Extracts Good for You?
  108. Recovering from a Stroke?
  109. Get the Lead Out?
  110. Too Much Sweat?
  111. Living with Leg Ulcers?
  112. Surgery for Scoliosis?
  113. Worried about White Spots on Fingernails?
  114. Arsenic in Old Wood?
  115. Lost Your Sense of Smell?
  116. Cure for Hangovers?
  117. Giving Blood Too Often?
  118. Medical Marijuana in Play?
  119. A Pill to Prevent Hangovers?
  120. Snuffing Out a Sinus Infection?
  121. Saving Umbilical Cord Blood?
  122. Healing an Anal Fissure?
  123. Treating a Pituitary Tumor?
  124. Battling Lung Disease?
  125. Can't Shake a Charley Horse?
  126. Banishing Sinus Misery?
  127. Coffee to Prevent Gallstones?
  128. What's the Best Treatment for Valley Fever?
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