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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Children
  1. Mistaking Immaturity For ADHD?
  2. Does Air Pollution Affect Children’s Behavior?
  3. Cut Sugar for Childrens’ Health?
  4. How Serious is Picky Eating?
  5. Halloween Candy – A Trick or a Treat?
  6. Added Benefits From Measles Vaccine?
  7. What is Sluggish Cognitive Tempo?
  8. Should I Let My Son Play Football?
  9. Sick of Preschool?
  10. Diaper Rash
  11. Is Colic Migraine?
  12. Is the Measles Vaccine Worthwhile?
  13. Vitamins for Children?
  14. Should More Children Take Vitamins?
  15. Do Babies Need Vitamin C Supplements?
  16. When to Retire the Stroller?
  17. HPV Vaccine for Pre-Teens?
  18. How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?
  19. Is Buying Mother’s Breast Milk Dangerous?
  20. Is Spanking Child Abuse?
  21. Do Infants Need Formula Plus Breast Milk?
  22. TV for Kids’ Bedrooms?
  23. Low Testosterone Teens?
  24. Best Solid Foods For Babies?
  25. What Keeps Kids Up At Night?
  26. What’s Behind the Autism Upswing?
  27. Vegan Diet: Safe for Kids?
  28. How Bad Is Baby Powder?
  29. Toddlers with Bad Teeth?
  30. What Is Tight Jean Syndrome?
  31. Should the Dog Lick the Baby?
  32. Solution for Obese Kids?
  33. Ferberizing: Should Babies Cry Themselves to Sleep?
  34. Overprotecting Your Kids?
  35. Whooping Cough, Pertussis
  36. iPods: Too Much Singing in the Ears?
  37. Painful Joints in Children?
  38. Premarin for Babies?
  39. Are Amber Teething Necklaces Worthwhile?
  40. Too Hot to Swim?
  41. Healthy Halloween Treats
  42. Nephrotic Syndrome: Childrens’ Kidney Problem?
  43. Why is My Child Coughing So Much?
  44. Is A Thallium Stress Test Dangerous?
  45. Rheumatoid Arthritis in Children?
  46. Jaundice, Newborn
  47. Croup
  48. ADHD Without Drugs?
  49. Born With No Nails?
  50. Antacids for Babies?
  51. To Circumcise or Not?
  52. Is Milk Thistle OK for Children?
  53. Sensational Problems in Kids?
  54. Handling a Common Childhood Ailment?
  55. Is Television Harmful?
  56. A Placebo Pill to Comfort Kids?
  57. Can Breastfeeding Cause Eczema?
  58. Can Cinnamon Be Toxic For Toddlers?
  59. Colic
  60. Honey for Kids’ Coughs?
  61. Autism
  62. Flu Spray for Kids?
  63. Children With High Blood Pressure?
  64. Promoting Healthy School Lunches?
  65. Troubled by Tourette Syndrome?
  66. Why Do Children Grind Their Teeth?
  67. Menstruating Too Soon?
  68. OPC-3: An Antioxidant Supplement for ADHD?
  69. Is There Lead in Lunchboxes?
  70. Complications of Ringworm?
  71. Why Can’t Kids Just Play?
  72. Does Music Make Children Smarter?
  73. Are Childhood Vaccines Dangerous?
  74. Fish Oil for ADHD?
  75. Children’s Health Tip: Tips for Managing Your Child’s Weight
  76. Fluoride Supplements For Children
  77. Food Coloring
  78. Sore Throat
  79. Diana Weil: Kids Under Pressure?
  80. Overweight Kids
  81. Diana Weil: Staying Well When Others Aren’t
  82. Acupuncture for Children
  83. Colicky Babies
  84. Diana Weil: Team Sports: Yes or No?
  85. Asthma and Exercise
  86. Constipation
  87. Diana Weil: The Perfect Present
  88. Bedwetting
  89. Diana Weil: How To Talk About Smoking
  90. Vitamins for Children
  91. Ear Infections
  92. Broken Bones
  93. Early Puberty
  94. Eight Tips for Toy Safety
  95. Infants: Teething
  96. Carsickness
  97. Balancing Fast Food and Healthy Food
  98. When to Quit Breastfeeding?
  99. Frightened by Febrile Seizures?
  100. Caring for a Down Syndrome Child?
  101. How Bad Is Secondhand Smoke for Children?
  102. Nutrition for Kids with Allergies/Asthma?
  103. Can Your Blood Endanger Your Baby?
  104. Should Kids Diet?
  105. Fighting Fast Foods in Schools?
  106. Treating Undescended Testicles?
  107. Lowering Pediatric Hypercholesterolemia?
  108. Growing Up Too Fast?
  109. Can Immunizations Cause Birth Defects?
  110. A Mystery Disease in Children?
  111. High Cholesterol in Kids?
  112. Flaxseed for Kids?
  113. Does Clean Living Cause Allergies?
  114. Too Old for Thumb Sucking?
  115. Too Many Kids Breaking Bones?
  116. How Do You Cure Bedwetting?
  117. Does My Baby Have Heartburn?
  118. Allergic Already?
  119. Can Soy Feminize a Boy?
  120. Losing Your Head Over Lice?
  121. Cure for a Common Childhood Problem?
  122. Too Young for Bad Breath?
  123. Curing Carsickness?
  124. Calming a Colicky Baby?
  125. Too Young to Swim?
  126. Acupuncture for Kids?
  127. Best Treatment for Teething?
  128. Soothing Sore Throat?
  129. Green Light for Artificial Colorings?
  130. Coping with Cystic Fibrosis?
  131. Herbs for ADD?
  132. Dietary Approach for Autism?
  133. How to Ease Teen-age Athletes’ Leg Pain?
  134. Is My Vegetarian Teen Getting Enough Protein?
  135. Can Fructose Trigger Hyperactivity in Kids?
  136. Preventing Children from Fifth Disease, Again?
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