Video: Natura Bottled Water System

Bottled water served on restaurant tables is often shipped from overseas, and the bottles are discarded after use. The waste and expense are enormous. “P.J.,” the top server at Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona, demonstrates a better way. The Natura system creates bottled water on-site in reusable glass bottles. The result is not only good for the environment, it also saves money for both the restaurant and its customers. “We can charge less than other restaurants for bottled water and still make a profit, because our costs are lower,” says restaurateur Sam Fox, Dr. Weil’s partner in the restaurant. “This system is good for everyone.”


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Video Transcript: Natura Bottled Water System

Well we bottle our own in-house water with the Natura system. We serve still, room temperature, and gas. We store our water bottles right down here. We don’t use plastic; we encourage everyone to use refillable glass bottles. Sparkling on tap, cold on tap, and room temperature, all on tap. All provided in-house, in the restaurant, through reverse osmosis, sterilized with the UV lamp, and then minerals are added back into the water for flavor.

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