Video: British Columbia Garden - Part 3

(Part Three of Three) Dr. Weil wraps up his summer garden tour by pointing out his cucumbers, green beans, and some huge, exotic fruits known as tayberries. Here are photos of Dr. Weil’s summer garden and the various fruits of his labor.


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Video Transcript: British Columbia Garden – Part 3

Those are some Romano beans that were planted late; they’re going up those poles. These are more cucumbers. These are slicing cucumbers; there’s a fair sized one developing there. More shiso, more lettuce, more potatoes, and these are beans which are just beginning, just about to produce. I have some French filet beans on this end and the Italian Romano beans here; which are almost mature. Although these are, well, I’m actually a little not clear which beans these are, so. Anyway, they’re just about ready. Then let’s see, we’ve got a row of tayberries, these are a cross between raspberries and loganberries. They’re disease-resistant. They’ve got a winy taste that they have seeds so you know all these dark berries are full of protective phytonutrients, pigments, and the seeds contain compounds like ellagic acid, which are strongly cancer preventive. And right behind here is a row of black raspberries, highly tested for their cancer protective health-promoting properties in both the fruit and the seeds. I’ve got a few ornamentals here, sunflowers, crocosmia. I think that’s about it.

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