Best Treatment for Teething?

Is it safe to use the product Camilia for a teething six-month-old? Our doctor doesn’t recommend it because it contains belladonna. The manufacturer claims that the product is safe because it contains a homeopathic form of belladonna instead of an herbal form.

– January 8, 2003

Reviewed on 3/09/2010

You’re correct that homeopathic Camilia has no adverse effects and is safe to use. Concentrations of herbs in the formula are too dilute to be of concern. In many infants, the process of teething is painless, causing only some increased drooling and a desire to chew. However, some infants develop tender, swollen gums, may not sleep and eat well, and may run a low fever (under 100 degrees). (A fever above 100 degrees or diarrhea suggests problems unrelated to teething.)

Here are some recommendations to keep a teething baby comfortable:

  • Wipe the drool off your baby’s face with a cloth (to prevent rashes).
  • Rub the baby’s gums with a clean finger.
  • Let your baby chew on a wet washcloth placed in the freezer for 30 minutes (wash it after each use).
  • Alternatively, use a cool spoon or rubber teething ring (take it out of the freezer before it gets so hard that it bruises the tender gums).
  • Never tie a teething ring around a baby’s neck – it could get caught on something and strangle the child.

I think homeopathic teething tablets are a good option. Many parents tell me they have used them successfully to relieve the minor discomforts of teething in their babies.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

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