Graceful Aging & Well-Being

Courtesy of Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging, Your Online Guide to the Anti-Inflammatory Diet Graceful aging and well-being have the potential to bring greater worth to human life, much as wine, whiskey, and cheese can become more valuable with the passage of time, garnering enhanced taste, texture and richness. Trees can become sturdier and more bountiful; violins may provide a richer, mellower sound as they are played; and antiques become more treasured as they survive more history and become increasingly scarce.

In humans, the benefits of graceful aging and well-being are boundless. The experience of time facilitates characteristics that younger generations are largely unable to achieve. Consider the following aspects of aging, and search within yourself for the positive changes that come with the experience of growing old.

  • Aging adds richness to life.
  • Aging replaces the shallowness and greenness of youth with depth, well-being and maturity.
  • Aging develops and enhances desirable qualities of personality, while lessening undesirable ones

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