Weil Name Misused?

I’ve been receiving promotional emails for the yerba diet from a “Dr. Weil.” It doesn’t sound like the kind of thing you would recommend. Is there another Dr. Weil who is piggybacking on your name? Or do you have an association with this yerba diet?

– June 20, 2003

Updated 3/21/2005

I have no association with the yerba diet, nor does DrWeil.com or any of my affiliates. There is another Dr. Weil, a distinguished herbal expert from Argentina, Jorge Weil, M.D., whose company consulted on the yerba diet, but who no longer has any connection with the group that manufacturers, promotes and distributes the yerba diet formula.

Not surprisingly, I have been receiving a lot of questions about this diet since many people assumed that I am the “Dr. Weil” referred to in the spam promoting the diet. Dr. Jorge Weil and I have asked EyeFive, Inc., the patent holders of yerba diet, to immediately discontinue use of the names “Dr. Weil” and “Dr. Weil, M.D.” in connection with its marketing efforts, which they have agreed to do. The use of the name “Weil” in the distributors’ campaign is confusing and potentially misleading. Both Dr. Jorge Weil and I have sought legal counsel regarding the unauthorized use of the Weil name, and may proceed with legal action should the use of the name continue.

As far as the yerba diet itself is concerned, nothing I’ve read suggests that it offers anything at all to aid in weight loss. There is no magic combination of herbs or other natural products that will help you lose weight. The only formula that works is to eat less and exercise more. Don’t be fooled by this or other claims that you can lose weight without exercise or without making appropriate changes in your diet. You won’t see a change on the scale, unless you weigh your wallet.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

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