Up Your Produce Intake With These Simple Suggestions!

Want to eat more fruit and vegetables? Of course you do! Upping your produce intake is one of the surest paths to better health, but many people simply find it too difficult to do on a regular basis. If you are among them, here are two tips:

  • Invest in a transparent bowl
  • Keep produce within arm’s reach

In an article published in Environment and Behavior, researchers tested college students by placing apple slices and carrot sticks in either clear or opaque bowls, which were positioned either at a table near the students or a table two meters away. The participants were told they were welcome to eat the produce, then left alone for ten minutes.

Result: the apples and carrots in the nearby bowls were more likely to be eaten. Interestingly, in the “race” between the clear and opaque bowls, the clear bowl led to increased consumption of the fruit, but not of the vegetable.

Bottom line: for increased produce consumption, bowls that are close by and bowls that are clear are a better option than far away and opaque ones when it comes to inspiring you, or your family, to eat better. If you have children, there is a much greater chance they will eat produce if it is freely available. Have cut carrots and cucumber slices out in the open at all times. Grazing kids have a greater tendency of eating them compared to having them stuffed in a drawer somewhere in the fridge.

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