6 Simple Ways To Make Pizza Healthier

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Pizza is a classic comfort food that has been around for centuries (though it became popular in the U.S. only after returning World War II soldiers demanded the food they had loved in Italy). Pizza is fairly easy to make at home, and when you do, you control the ingredients and therefore the health benefits. Whether you bake pizza at home or have it delivered, use the following suggestions to maximize its health benefits:

  1. Choose whole-wheat crust made with bits of cracked grain, not just whole-wheat flour. If this is not an option, opt for the thinnest crust possible. Give a trial to some of the more creative crust ideas, like cauliflower.
  2. Use organic, high-quality varieties of full fat cheese.
  3. Avoid sausage or pepperoni – they are high in sodium and often contain preservatives like sodium nitrite.
  4. Go for the veggies – they are naturally high in fiber and antioxidants, and will help fill you up while still satisfying your taste buds.
  5. Use fresh herbs – a low-calorie, no-sodium way to add flavor and zest.
  6. Top with red pepper flakes – they are naturally anti-inflammatory!

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