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How Dr. Weil Grows Tomatoes

Inspired by his friend and master gardener Nori Fletcher, Dr. Weil has a unique support system for growing tomatoes. The simple structure protects the tomato plants as they grow and helps them produce delicious fruit. Read more about the tomatoes in Dr. Weil’s garden: Time For Tomatoes.

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Video Transcript: How Dr. Weil Grows Tomatoes

This is the best system I’ve found for supporting tomatoes and this is an invention of Nori Fletcher, the head gardener at Hollyhock. We have a, first of all, this top, in this climate protects the tomatoes from rain in June and also increases warmth to them so they get a head start. And then there’s just a wood beam here. I have high tensile strength nylon cord and you just loosely tie it to the base of the tomato. And then as the plants grow, you just wind the main stems around them. As I say, this is the best system that I’ve found for supporting tomatoes. It works really well. I’ve got to put a few more cords up here. So you trim out the suckers so you get just one or a couple main leaders and those are the ones that you support. This needs another cord. But this, it’s a really good system.