Anti-Inflammatory Diet Makeover: A Healthy Refrigerator

Every Monday in January we present tips on the what, why and how of the Dr. Weil-recommended anti-inflammatory diet. Get started today!

Is your refrigerator teeming with less-than-healthy foods? If so, make a clean sweep and replace them with wholesome anti-inflammatory choices:

  • Get rid of: Creamers with artificial additives or sugars, regular margarines or spreads that contain "partially hydrogenated oil," yogurt with added sugary fruit or artificial sweeteners, and American or processed cheeses, "cheese food" and cream cheese.
  • Replace with: Organic, hormone-free milk, organic soy, almond, rice or oat beverages (look for organic soy products that do not contain the thickening agent carrageenan, and that are calcium-fortified); low-fat, organic yogurt (plain or a lower sugar vanilla – add your own organically grown fruit); and small amounts of natural, hard cheeses or varieties of soft cheese that are naturally lower in fat.

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