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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Supplements & Herbs
  1. Easy Way to Swallow Pills?
  2. How Much Vitamin A Is Safe?
  3. Can Too Much Vitamin B Cause Problems?
  4. Selenium Danger?
  5. Calculating Antioxidants?
  6. Do Weight Loss Drugs Affect Vitamin Absorption?
  7. Is Astaxanthin A Better Antioxidant?
  8. Bet on Bitter?
  9. Do Seniors Need Special Vitamins?
  10. Who Needs Iodine Supplements?
  11. Thunder God Vine for Pain?
  12. A Bitter Route to Long Life?
  13. Fish Oil for Bigger Brains?
  14. Does Vitamin E Halt Alzheimer's Disease?
  15. New Risk for Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
  16. Not Enough B12?
  17. Best Way to Get B12?
  18. Can You Overdose on Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?
  19. Stocking Up on Iron?
  20. Curcumin for Alzheimer's?
  21. Best Time to Take Supplements?
  22. No More Fish Oil?
  23. Can Performance-Enhancing Supplements Kill?
  24. Bad News About Ginkgo Biloba?
  25. Is Deer Antler Velvet Worthwhile?
  26. Rhodiola for What Ails You?
  27. Need Omega-9 Fatty Acid?
  28. Cherry Bark Tea for Coughs?
  29. Do You Need Shark Liver Oil?
  30. Is Chlorella Good for Health?
  31. Is Fo-ti for You?
  32. Is Evening Primrose Oil Safe After Breast Cancer?
  33. Go to Gotu Kola?
  34. Best Potassium Bet?
  35. Too Much Omega-3?
  36. Are Supplements Really Harmful to Women?
  37. Can Niacin (Vitamin B3) Cause a Stroke?
  38. Overdoing Iron?
  39. Huperzine A: Natural Memory Remedy?
  40. Fulvic Acid Fantasy?
  41. How Much Vitamin K for Strong Bones?
  42. Can Konjac Fiber Lower Cholesterol?
  43. Too Much Zinc in Pepitas?
  44. Curcumin or Turmeric?
  45. Is Grapefruit Seed Extract Any Good?
  46. Taking a Break from Supplements?
  47. ORAC: Scoring Antioxidants?
  48. Too Much Vitamin D?
  49. Most Dangerous Supplements?
  50. Can Fenugreek Enlarge Breasts?
  51. Is Coltsfoot Too Toxic For Tea?
  52. No More Calcium?
  53. Probiotics: How Much is Too Much?
  54. Downside of Antioxidants?
  55. Is Lobelia Safe to Use?
  56. Keen on Kava?
  57. Hyperkalemia: Too Much Potassium?
  58. No Magical Cures?
  59. Ecklonia Cava: Brown Algae for Better Health?
  60. Best Source of Magnesium?
  61. PCBs in Fish Oil Supplements?
  62. Does Selfheal Really Heal?
  63. Getting Enough Nickel?
  64. How Much Sun Exposure for Vitamin D?
  65. Are Isotonic Vitamins Worthwhile?
  66. Pumpkin Pentose for Diabetes?
  67. Tyrosine: Good Supplement for Depression?
  68. Better Form of Calcium?
  69. Vitamin D Deficient?
  70. More Vitamin D?
  71. Too Much B12?
  72. Maxing Out On Manganese?
  73. Do Antioxidants Limit Exercise Benefits?
  74. Vegetarian Sources of Omega-3?
  75. Too Much Selenium?
  76. Do You Need Vitamin B17?
  77. Low on Iron?
  78. Testing for Vitamin D?
  79. Lightheaded From CoQ10?
  80. Vitamin Variations?
  81. Stumped by Oxidative Stress?
  82. Overloading on Vitamin C?
  83. What's So Special About Antioxidants?
  84. Is Black Currant Oil Safe?
  85. Are Ayurvedic Supplements Dangerous?
  86. Should Ex-Smokers Shun Beta-Carotene?
  87. Is Rickets Making a Comeback?
  88. Can Herbal Remedies Lose Their Power?
  89. Is Fish Oil Bad for LDL?
  90. Ginkgo to Sharpen Memory But Bad for Blood Pressure?
  91. Forget Folic Acid Fortification?
  92. Cat's Claw for Lyme Disease?
  93. Storing Enough Vitamin D?
  94. Affecting the Balance Between Omega-3 and Omega-6?
  95. Dangers of Chromium?
  96. Can Calcium Cause a Coronary?
  97. Thumbs Down on MonaVie?
  98. Are Blood Thinning Supplements Dangerous?
  99. Cut the Calcium?
  100. Vitamin C for Surgery?
  101. Does Ribose Really Energize?
  102. Getting The Most From Ginkgo?
  103. What's With Echinacea?
  104. What's the Point of Probiotics?
  105. Need More Choline?
  106. Supplements for Cancer Patients?
  107. Cleansing With Chaparral?
  108. Is Vanadium Safe?
  109. An Antioxidant in Beer?
  110. Counting on Creatine?
  111. Eniva Vibe: Are Liquid Vitamins Better?
  112. Should You Sip Your Supplements With VEMMA?
  113. Looking for a Brain Boost from Piracetam?
  114. Balancing Omega-3 and Omega-6?
  115. Counting on Chromium Picolinate?
  116. Do You Need IV Vitamins?
  117. How Healthy Is Hawthorn?
  118. Tums for Calcium?
  119. How Much Calcium?
  120. Getting the Most From Your Vitamins and Mineral Supplements?
  121. An Antioxidant Update?
  122. Cod Liver Oil for Vitamin D?
  123. Worried About Fish Oil?
  124. What's with CoQ10?
  125. Consider Cat's Claw?
  126. Need More Magnesium?
  127. Is Omega 3 Fish Oil Safe?
  128. Safe to Combine Supplements?
  129. Counting on Calcium?
  130. What's With Wheatgrass?
  131. Colloidal Silver: Looking for a Silver Lining?
  132. A New Kind of Calcium?
  133. Can Vitamins Upset Your Stomach?
  134. Chlorophyll for Antioxidants?
  135. Should Women Give Up Vitamin E?
  136. Getting Enough Omega-3?
  137. Is Supplement Availability in Danger?
  138. More Bad News About Vitamin E?
  139. Hoodia Benefits: Is It Good For Weight Loss?
  140. DMAE for Better Brainpower?
  141. Getting Rid of Mercury?
  142. Is It Dangerous to Combine Supplements and Drugs?
  143. Is Vitamin E Dangerous?
  144. Holy Basil to Combat Stress?
  145. Can You Slim Down with Cortisol Blockers?
  146. Another Health Scam?
  147. New Wonder Cures?
  148. Is Mangosteen a Magic Route to Health and Wealth?
  149. Searching for Odor-free Vitamins?
  150. A Preferred Source of Vitamin C?
  151. Combining Drugs with Herbal Remedies?
  152. Taking Too Many Tonics?
  153. Calcium: How Much is Too Much?
  154. Echinacea: An Immune System Threat?
  155. Avoid Antioxidants?
  156. Are Vitamins Dangerous?
  157. Topping Off Energy with Taurine?
  158. Antibiotic Antidote?
  159. Safe Sources of Omega-3s?
  160. Where's the Best DHA?
  161. New Regulations for Supplements?
  162. Supplement Dangers While Nursing?
  163. Vitamin C: Time for a Change?
  164. Betting on B-12?
  165. Can Herbs Combat Inflammation?
  166. Back to Cod Liver Oil?
  167. Getting More Glutathione?
  168. Awesome Amino Acids?
  169. Are Fish Oil Capsules and Fish Oil Supplements Safe?
  170. A Supplement to Prevent Alzheimer's
  171. Supplements that Turn Up the Heat?
  172. Can I Take Fido's Pills?
  173. Herbs for Kids?
  174. Excess Iron: A Health Risk?
  175. Counting on Coral Calcium?
  176. Say "No" to Noni?
  177. Herbal Products for Weight Loss?
  178. Should You Try Thermogenic Supplements for Weight Loss?
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