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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Heart Health
  1. Does Sitting Lead to Heart Problems?
  2. L-arginine for High Blood Pressure?
  3. High LDL Cholesterol: Best Approach?
  4. Best Way To Prevent Heart Attacks?
  5. Gender Differences in Blood Pressure?
  6. Is Sugar a Killer?
  7. Too Young for High Cholesterol?
  8. Is Organic Milk Heart Healthy?
  9. New Cholesterol Guidelines for Statins?
  10. Can Vacations Cause Heart Attacks?
  11. Integrative Approach to Partially Blocked Coronary Arteries?
  12. Did the Former President Really Need a Stent?
  13. Chelation Therapy: A Controversial Heart Treatment?
  14. Does Coffee Raise Cholesterol?
  15. Licorice Lowdown?
  16. Does Blood Type Influence Heart Disease Risk?
  17. No More EKGs?
  18. A Pill to Prevent Heart Disease?
  19. Too Old for a Heart Transplant?
  20. Spicy Diet for High Triglycerides?
  21. Better Blood Pressure Measurement?
  22. Best Diet to Prevent Heart Disease?
  23. Troubled by Triglycerides?
  24. Groundnut Oil: Best for Heart Health?
  25. Can Konjac Fiber Lower Cholesterol?
  26. Natural Cholesterol Control?
  27. Lovaza: Best Bet to Lower Cholesterol?
  28. Are Public Blood Pressure Machines OK?
  29. Alternatives for Atrial Fibrillation?
  30. Need Blood Pressure Medication?
  31. Hazards of Shoveling Snow?
  32. Serratiopeptidase: Enzyme to Fight Heart Threat?
  33. Slowing a Speedy Heart Rate?
  34. Natural Way to Boost HDL?
  35. New Soluble Fiber for Cholesterol Control?
  36. Cholesterol Conundrum?
  37. Citrus Pectin: Best Bet for Cholesterol Control?
  38. Is Diet Enough to Prevent Heart Disease?
  39. Is EECP a Substitute for Heart Surgery?
  40. Can Heart Surgery Cause Blindness?
  41. Red Rice Yeast Instead of Statins?
  42. Too Many Heartbeats?
  43. Do Earlobe Creases Predict Heart Trouble?
  44. Remedy for Regularity, High Cholesterol?
  45. Red Rice Yeast for Cholesterol Control?
  46. Are Triglycerides Always Bad?
  47. Handling High Homocysteine?
  48. Can SAMe Hurt My Heart?
  49. Shake on the Salt?
  50. Tracking Your Own Blood Pressure?
  51. New Risks to Eating Eggs?
  52. Zetia: Cholesterol Drug Controversy?
  53. Nutrients to Nip Heart Risk?
  54. Pacing a Racing Heart?
  55. Pantethine: A Better Cholesterol Treatment?
  56. Questioning Cholesterol?
  57. Lecithin for Cholesterol Control?
  58. Living With Low Blood Pressure?
  59. Keeping Blood Pressure in Check?
  60. Triglycerides Too High?
  61. Controlling Cholesterol?
  62. Juice to Prevent Heart Disease?
  63. Walnuts for Heart Health?
  64. Heart Beating Too Fast?
  65. Switching Cholesterol Controls?
  66. Assessing Inflammation Levels?
  67. Does Inflammation Cause Heart Disease?
  68. Best Way to Avoid a Stroke?
  69. Do Clean Teeth Promote Heart Health?
  70. Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home?
  71. Meals Designed for Heart Health?
  72. What Really Causes Heart Attacks?
  73. A Natural Way to Lower Cholesterol?
  74. Herbs for Hypertension?
  75. New Cholesterol Guidelines?
  76. Is Chocolate a Health Food?
  77. Could an Overactive Thyroid Cause a Fast Pulse?
  78. Are Statins the New Wonder Drugs?
  79. How Low Should Cholesterol Go?
  80. New Way to Unclog Arteries?
  81. Focusing on Fiber?
  82. Does High Cholesterol Harm Your Kidneys?
  83. Do You Need a Heart Scan?
  84. New Way to Cut Cholesterol?
  85. Does a Daily Aspirin Really Help?
  86. Raise a Glass for Your Health?
  87. Heart Disease: Outsmarting Heredity?
  88. A Sweet New Way to Lower Cholesterol?
  89. Antioxidants: Bad for Cholesterol?
  90. Non-Threatening Chest Pain?
  91. HDL Too High?
  92. Can Artichokes Lower Your Cholesterol?
  93. Cholesterol: Can It Go Too Low?
  94. Is There a Natural Alternative to Coumadin?
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