Travels in Japan - Tokyo and Beyond

In early May of 2010, I went to Japan to take part in festivities surrounding the premiere of Gaia Symphony 7. This series of films features people who are working to make a better, greener world, and I was honored to be featured in this installment. As usual when I go to Japan, the trip was a mix of business and pleasure, and a refreshing return to a country I have loved since my first visit as a 17-year-old in 1959.

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  • Shinto Purification Ritual
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Azaleas In Meiji Shrine
  • Shrine of the Wind God
  • Isuzu River Ritual
  • Fellow Walkers
  • New Friends
  • Small Rice-Seedling Pond
  • Peaceful Cat
  • Beautiful Pond
  • With MOA Museum Officials
  • Volcanic Stage
  • Sleeping Volcano
  • Children's Day
  • Cherry Blossoms

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