Shrines and Serenity in Japan

Since my first visit to Japan as a teenager in 1959, I have felt a powerful connection to its culture, aesthetics and people. In the years since, I have been back more times than I can recall. It seems I simply cannot stay away too long.

As much as I enjoy the vibrant cacophony of modern, urban Japan, I am particularly drawn to its venues of timeless serenity. The many ancient shrines have a palpable air of peace and presence. And a stay in a ryokan, or traditional inn, always revives my spirits.

Here are few highlights of a trip I took in May of 2009. Most of the photos are taken by Andre Fasciola.

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  • 1 Reading in a Ryokan
  • 3 Shrine, Wider View
  • 4 800-Year-Old Tree
  • 5 Ancient Anchor
  • 2 Kushida Shrine
  • 6 Outside Osaka

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