Dr. Weil's Head-To-Toe Wellness Guide

“Optimum health addresses the mind, body and spirit. Through small adjustments in lifestyle, nutrition and prudent supplementation, you can better adapt to the changes that time brings, and achieve and maintain optimum health over your lifetime.”
Dr. Weil
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Dr. Weil’s Head-to-Toe Wellness Guide – What Is It?

  • It is an interactive educational tool that can inform and engage both adults and teenagers on how to implement healthy choices into their lives.
  • It is a natural health and wellness guide for all ages that offers tips on lifestyle, nutrition, and supplementation for a variety of diseases and disorders.
  • It is an in-depth, easy-to-use guide that promotes natural health and wellness, from head-to-toe.
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What Does a Healthy Lifestyle Do?

A healthy lifestyle is the result of quality nutrition (in particular, an anti-inflammatory diet), regular mental and physical exercise and prudent supplementation. Simple steps in these areas can help to promote the health of the whole body and/or its constituent parts, and decrease the risk of many major diseases including:

Watch these videos, covering areas of lifestyle, nutrition and supplements, featuring Dr. Weil and others.
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I came back to Dr. Weil and found a diversified treasure of information and people. For me, this is a complete package…it satisfies my needs in pretty much all areas of my life! -Thank you Dr. Weil!”
– Larry B”I have tried the anti-inflammatory diet, and it is healing my body more than medicine and even exercise.  It’s amazing how nutrition has much more effect on healing in many cases.” – Jeremias
Dr. Weil on Healthy Aging has a strong focus on preventive health tactics that you can use at any age, including:

  • An exclusive version of Dr. Weil’s natural health and wellness guide that includes links to anti-inflammatory recipes that use the recommended foods.
  • Hundreds of exclusive articles devoted to improving your health from head-to-toe.
  • A Video Library featuring dozens of videos, including ones featuring Dr. Weil and Dan Bornstein, a fitness expert.
  • Interactive tools that promote a healthy mind, body and spirit.

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