Exercise Pitfalls

I must point out a few pitfalls of exercise that are seldom discussed, especially in our fitness-obsessed age. Exercise is not the sole determinant of health any more than diet is. Some people who exercise vigorously drop dead of heart attacks. Others are unable to rest and relax. Aggressive, competitive people tend to approach exercise as they approach their work and life in general; they may have good-looking bodies, but they are sadly undeveloped emotionally and spiritually.

Many people who run or work out in gyms and spas become too dependent on exercise for their sense of well-being. An important aspect of real health is the awareness that you can feel complete and whole without any external aids, including an aerobics class or a dumbbell. When calamities befall exercise-dependent persons, they frequently respond by exercising even more (unless the calamity is a physical injury, in which case they are really in a pickle). I want you to get into the habit of exercising your body sensibly and moderately. I do not want the habit to become a compulsion. Exercise dependence and exercise abuse are not uncommon. They do not contribute to health and wellness.

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