Welcome To The Spontaneous Happiness Blog

Welcome! The DrWeil.com Team is excited to unveil our latest project, the Spontaneous Happiness Blog. Increasingly, scientific evidence shows us that overall well-being and true life satisfaction come from within. So while it’s up to you, we are here to help.

This blog is a place for you to embark on the journey toward achieving and maintaining emotional wellness. We look forward to sharing with you current news topics and information – including insight on strategies to address emotional well-being through:

  • Wellness therapies such as acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and more
  • Mind-body techniques such as guided imagery and meditation
  • Physical exercise motivations – vital to emotional health
  • Dietary changes, recipes and insight to promote a healthy brain
  • Inspirational tips on living your life to its fullest
  • Suggestions on using kindness, mindfulness and forgiveness to benefit yourself and others

And more – including simple, easy-to-accomplish tasks that can encourage a feeling of well-being for days to come!

This blog will be constantly evolving, and we encourage you to make the Spontaneous Happiness Blog a destination for achieving optimal health and wellness, both physically and emotionally.

Yours in health,
The DrWeil.com Team



Get started by reading some of these inspirational tips on how to evolve and improve the health of your body, mind and spirit: