Foods That Can Increase High Cholesterol Concerns

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For people battling high cholesterol, choosing meals wisely can be a challenge, but is essential. Restaurants, parties, even an office potluck often present unhealthy temptations.

Simple dietary modifications can help you eliminate those unhealthy choices. In addition to adding fresh garlic, green tea and soluble fiber to your diet (all of which are heart healthy foods and drinks), consider these two suggestions as well, to help promote healthy cholesterol levels:

  1. Reduce sugar and flour. Recent research indicates that added sweeteners and flour-based carbohydrates, which are far too abundant in the American diet, are major contributors to obesity and heart disease.
  2. Avoid trans-fat. Stay away from items that list “hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil” on the label, especially snack foods such as popcorn, chips or crackers as they likely combine simple carbohydrates and trans-fats. Try baked or air-popped versions instead. Be wary of cream-based dressings as well, and opt for olive oil and herbs on your salad.

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