Advertising Standards for


All potential advertisers/sponsors for the Web site need to be preapproved to display content on the site. All advertisers and all advertising materials should demonstrate clear support and understanding of, and philosophical alignment with, the principals and practices of integrative medicine, as well the mission statement of Andrew Weil, M.D.

All advertising materials and linked landing pages must be reviewed and approved by the compliance officer. Content containing health claims must be accompanied by an appropriate evidence base for review and approval by the science advisory board of prior to placement on the site.

The underlying approval criteria for advertising on this site is:
Are these products we would use, provide to our families, recommend, or endorse as physicians and practitioners of integrative medicine?


Ideal advertisers are:

  • Companies, groups or organizations interested in the promotion of a specific commodity with evidence-based nutritional benefit: Examples: California Walnut Commission, Alaska Seafood Marketing Commission, Michigan Blueberry Commission.
  • Groups or organizations interested in the promotion of a specific commercial product with evidence-based efficacy: Examples: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lactobacillus GG (Culturelle).
  • Groups or organizations interested in the promotion of brand names (and products carrying such a brand) with a clearly demonstrated commitment to quality ingredients and environmental concerns: Examples: Stonyfield Farm, Vital Choice, Dagoba, Nordic Naturals.
  • Product manufacturers interested in the promotion of brand names (and a range of products carrying such brand) with a proven commitment to improve the quality standards of the American diet. Examples: Spectrum Organics,

Advertisers and products that will not be considered for approval:

  • Groups or organizations interested in the promotion of a brand (and products carrying such a brand) that have not demonstrated a philosophical alignment with or understanding of the precepts of good nutrition or integrative medicine.
  • Drug advertising, non-compliant supplements, diet products, weight loss products, “anti-aging” products, body-building products, male enhancement products, glandulars, and wheat grass.
  • Products that contain: artificial colors/dyes, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, high fructose corn syrup, soy protein isolates.
  • Products that represent potential conflicts with existing affiliate contracts and/or recommendation of record.
  • Groups or organizations promoting a commodity where no evidence of nutritional benefit or efficacy exists, or where the possibility of safety is in question. Examples: coral calcium, blue green algae, noni juice. reserves the right to decline the request of any advertiser at its discretion for any reason.

If you believe your product supports the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and meets the requirements of these guidelines, please request a media kit or visit and click on the media kit button at the bottom of the page. Our advertising team is available to respond directly to questions concerning costs and the current media insertion plans.

Please contact Lindsay Corley (email: [email protected]) for more information.