“I would like more doctors to use plants in place of the strong and dangerous chemical drugs now in fashion. Here are some of the botanicals that I most frequently recommend.”

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Aloe Vera Arnica
Ashwagandha Astragalus
Bacopa Basil
Bilberry Black Cohosh
Black Currant Oil Blue Cohosh
Boswellia Bromelain
Calendula Chamomile
Chicory Cordyceps
Dandelion Dong Quai
Echinacea Eucalyptus
Evening Primrose Oil Fennel
Feverfew Garlic
Ginger Ginkgo Biloba
Gurmar Hawthorn
Horse Chestnut Hu Zhang
Hyssop Lavender
Lemon Balm Licorice
Maitake Marjoram
Milk Thistle Mullein
Parsley Passion Flower
Peppermint Quercetin
Raspberry Leaf Red Raspberry Leaf
Rhodiola Saw Palmetto
Siberian Ginseng Slippery Elm
St. John’s Wort Stinging Nettle
Tea Tree Oil Thyme
Triphala Turmeric
Uva Ursi Valerian
Witch Hazel Yarrow