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Ask Dr. Weil Articles: Healthy Living
  1. Smoking Or Being Out Of Shape: Which Is Worse?
  2. Why Alkaline Water?
  3. Are Annual Physicals Necessary?
  4. Overcoming Jet Lag?
  5. Does Mediterranean Lifestyle Trump The Food?
  6. New Take On Too Much Sitting?
  7. Ringing in the New Year Weil Style?
  8. Is It Better To Be Short?
  9. Drug Cost Craziness?
  10. Wedding Ring Hazard?
  11. What Cleans Hands Best?
  12. Your Handshake And Your Health?
  13. Low-Cost Genetic Tests?
  14. What Is Climate Change Doing to Health?
  15. Where Does All the Plastic Go?
  16. What Is Slow Medicine?
  17. Why Have Generic Drug Costs Skyrocketed?
  18. Super Glue For First Aid?
  19. Why Cry?
  20. Can Bad Weather Cause Pain?
  21. How Do You Find A Good Doctor?
  22. Best Way to Get Hands Really Dry?
  23. Are Cigarette Butts an Environmental Health Threat?
  24. What’s with Camu Camu?
  25. Return of the Phthalates?
  26. Are We Getting Taller?
  27. Too Many Prescription Drugs?
  28. Unnecessary Antibiotics?
  29. Are You Sure You Can Swim?
  30. Can Chemical Fumes Affect Memory, Thinking?
  31. Are Home Genetic Tests Worthwhile?
  32. Why Not Pee in the Pool?
  33. Can Swearing Lessen Pain?
  34. Are Strokes Striking Young People?
  35. Is Resistant Starch Good for You?
  36. Parabens Paranoia?
  37. What Foods Should You Lose?
  38. What to Do About Whiplash?
  39. Do You Know Your Fitness Age?
  40. Does Slow Metabolism Make You Fat?
  41. Healthy at Home With Dr. Low Dog
  42. Bored with Food?
  43. New Year’s Resolution: Best Food to Lose?
  44. Do Clothes Make the Man – or Woman?
  45. Is Third-Hand Smoke a Threat?
  46. Frustrated with the Food Police?
  47. Arsenic Threat?
  48. Do Your Genes Make You Fat?
  49. Activated Charcoal for a Cleaner You?
  50. Are You Taking the Right Dosage?
  51. What’s That Urine Smell From Asparagus?
  52. Is Hair Analysis Worthwhile?
  53. Best Way to Start the Day?
  54. Why Does Eating Make Me Sweat?
  55. Is Concierge Medicine Right for You?
  56. Do Away with a Double Chin?
  57. What’s With “Urgent Care”?
  58. Sabotaging Helpful Inflammation?
  59. Curing Phantom Limb Pain?
  60. Do You Really Need Deodorant?
  61. Is Plastic Wrap Safe?
  62. No More Grapefruit Juice?
  63. Are Saliva Tests Any Good?
  64. Is There Anything to “Earthing”?
  65. Are Hot Tubs Unhealthy?
  66. Food Desert: Healthy Eating on Campus?
  67. Avoiding Airline Food?
  68. Wasting Too Much Food?
  69. Reducing Inflammation?
  70. Too Fat to be an Organ Donor?
  71. Pills Past Their Prime?
  72. Organ Meats: Liver Lover?
  73. What’s Economy Class Syndrome?
  74. Is Styrofoam Safe?
  75. Getting Paid to Take Care of Yourself?
  76. Mass Hysteria Mystery?
  77. Do You Need Your Appendix?
  78. Too Much Sodium from Softened Water?
  79. Which Is Better: Conventional Or Organic Farming?
  80. Banning Indoor Tanning for Teens?
  81. Holiday Travel Hazards?
  82. Presyncope: Almost Fainting?
  83. Twitching Too Much?
  84. Is Nature Deficit Disorder Real?
  85. Capsaicin: Pepper for Pain?
  86. Baby Carrots: Bad for You?
  87. Can Better Farming Save the Planet?
  88. What’s the Best Indoor Light?
  89. Do Alcohol and Antibiotics Mix?
  90. Stuttering Solution?
  91. Cured by Kombucha?
  92. Meet James Nicolai, M.D.
  93. Are Home Medical Tests Worthwhile?
  94. Remote Medical Care for International Travel?
  95. Why Not Divide Pills?
  96. Health Risks of Traveling Abroad?
  97. Too Many Health Complaints?
  98. Do You Know Your Family Health History?
  99. Seeking Integrative Medical Care?
  100. Can Inhaled Scents Be Harmful?
  101. Are Routine Physical Exams Necessary?
  102. What Blood Tests Do I Need?
  103. Oil Spill Health Hazards?
  104. Hydrogen Peroxide for Good Health?
  105. Drug Residues in My Drinking Water?
  106. Chloramine or Chlorine in Drinking Water?
  107. Best Bottled Water?
  108. Sun Poisoning or Sun Stroke?
  109. Is Tea Bad For Blood?
  110. Dangers of Chlorine?
  111. Bioresonance Therapy: Better Diagnostic Method?
  112. Green Tea for Longer Life?
  113. Bummed by Bakers’ Cysts?
  114. Vitamin Treatment for Seizures?
  115. Is DLPA a Good Option for Chronic Pain?
  116. Still Buying Organic?
  117. Does Clay Detoxify?
  118. Is Amalaki Juice Worthwhile?
  119. The Worst Health Habits?
  120. Where Are the Germs?
  121. Sun Poisoning: No Fun in the Sun?
  122. What’s Wrong With Drinking Hot Water?
  123. Plastic Steaming Bag Danger?
  124. Beating Bell’s Palsy?
  125. Thumbs Down on Stem Cell Enhancers?
  126. Reconnective Healing?
  127. Acoustic Neuroma: Battling a Benign Brain Tumor?
  128. Goji: A Miracle Health Drink?
  129. Bad Blood Test?
  130. Music For Health?
  131. Hot Water Hazards?
  132. Spending Too Much on Health Care?
  133. A Useful Genetic Test?
  134. Best Test for Food Intolerance?
  135. Steroids for the Brain?
  136. Coffee Tree Berries: An Antioxidant Alternative?
  137. Seven Medical Myths
  138. Are Generics As Good As Brand-Name Drugs?
  139. Body Burden Testing for Toxins?
  140. Aluminum: A Vaccine Danger?
  141. Consider Cow’s Colostrum?
  142. Shopping for Medical Care Abroad?
  143. Are Saliva Tests Worthwhile?
  144. Relationships and Health: Four Facts
  145. What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?
  146. New Mercury Threat?
  147. Choosing Chelation?
  148. Feeling Faint During a Blood Test?
  149. Why Am I Always Chilly?
  150. Chantix: A Better Way to Quit Smoking?
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