Five Ways to Safer Food

Food safety should always be a high priority, but you can take simple steps to make your food as healthy and nutritious as possible. To help make your meals safer, consider the following:  
  1. Fruits and vegetables in general are very nutritious, providing minerals, vitamins, fiber, and protective compounds, but they can also contain toxins and contaminants. Organic produce is grown without the use of synthetic agrichemicals, and may be a better choice. Inform yourself about which fruits and vegetables tend to have the most toxic residues (see the Web site of the Environmental Working Group in Washington, D.C., at
  2. Even washed organic produce may harbor bacteria, so be sure to peel those fruits and vegetables that can be peeled and to wash the rest before eating. Use a small amount of diluted dish detergent and a vegetable scrubber, followed by a warm water rinse to remove residues and any food-grade wax.
  3. There have been many outbreaks of infections from lettuce contaminated by E. coli. Even if your lettuce comes out of a sealed package, it is important to wash it in cold running water. A good rule of thumb to follow is three thorough rinsings.
  4. After working with raw meat or other animal foods, be sure to wash your hands (along with all cutting surfaces and utensils) thoroughly with hot water to avoid transferring bacteria from one kind of food to another.
  5. When eating out at a salad bar, make sure that the vegetables are well chilled (kept over ice) and that the food is properly shielded with a sneeze guard or hood. Avoid any items that look old or dried out.

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