Dr. Weil In the News


Organic Connections
March-April 2013
Article: Dr. Andrew Weil’s True Food Kitchen

HuffPost Healthy Living
March 8, 2013
Article: Integrative Medicine: Get the best of both worlds for your loved one

News Max Health
March 8, 2013
Article: Dr Andrew Weil: Think twice before taking Testosterone

March 2013
Article: Ask Dr. Weil: Artificial Sweeteners

February 2013
Article: Ask Dr. Weil: Is it safe to eat raw mushrooms?

News Max Health
February 13, 2013
Article: Natural ways to beat fatigue

The San Diego Union Tribune
January 27, 2013
Article: Living the True Food Way


Organic Medicine Now
November 27, 2012
Article: Three critical health questions with Dr. Andrew Weil

Acupuncture Today
July 2012
Article: Word With Dr. Andrew Weil on Healing and Integrative Medicine

June 2012
Article: 8 Surprising (and Natural) Ways to Beat Pain

April 2012
Help! Am I destined to..gain weight? Leak when I laugh? Get hot flashes?

Red Magazine
April 2012
Bright Old Thing

Men’s Journal
March 2012
The Only Three Supplements You Need

Delta Sky Magazine
January 2012
You, Improved

January 2012
New Ways To Deal With Depression

January/February 2012
The Experts’ Guide to Felling Great This Year


Runner’s World
November 2011
Immune To It All

CNN Opinion
October 27, 2011
Steve Jobs and alternative cancer care

September 2011
What’s for Lunch?

The Daily
May, 2011
Article: Green Light

April/May 2011
Like Mother Like Daughter?

AM New York
April 7, 2011
Article: Hot in Here: 5 Local Saunas and Steam Rooms

Massage & Body Works
March/April, 2011
Article: Integrative Medicine and Massage

More Magazine
March, 2011
Article: Pain Relief at the Grocer’s

The Dr. Oz Show
March 1, 2011
The Medical Renegades: Fighting for Unconventional Answers
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Dateline NBC w Dr. Nancy Synderman
February 20, 2011
Dr. Weil Discusses Oncology’s Future

February, 2011
Advertisement: Miraval Spa

January, 2011
Article: Vital Signs

Fit Pregnancy
January, 2011
Article: The Whole 9 Months – Ask Dr. Weil

Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine
January, 2011, Vol 17, Number 1
Article: The State of the Integrative Medicine in the US and Western World


U of A Alumnus Magazine
Andrew Weil: The Gospel of Integrative Medicine

Chatelaine  – Canada Magazine
December 2010
Health Anti-Aging Report
Article: The Secret to Longevity

The Dr. Oz Show
November 3, 2010
Optimize brain, heart, and lung health

Fall 2010
Article: In Conversation with Dr. Andrew Weil

Spa Magazine
October, 2010
Article: 5 Ways to Wellness

Fit Pregnancy
October/November 2010
Article: The Whole 9 Months – Ask Dr. Weil

The Dr. Oz Show
July 12, 2010
Ultimate Alternative Health Clinic
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Fit Pregnancy
June/July 2010
Article: The Whole 9 Months – Ask Dr. Weil

Body & Soul
April, 2010
Article: 10 Secrets of Healthy Aging

Natural Awakenings
January, 2010
Article: Envisioning the Future of HealthCare


Biz Tucson
Fall 2009
Article: The Branding of Dr. Andrew Weil

Martha Stuart
Whole Living – Body and Soul, 09/2009
Article: Reforming Healthcare Q&A, Dr. Andrew Weil

HighRoads Magazine
July/August 2009
Article: To Bumper – My First Car, Dr. Andrew Weil

Academy of Achievement
April 29, 2009
Article: Andrew Weil Interview

The Wall Street Journal
January 9, 2009
Article: Alternative Medicine is Mainstream