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Chamomile, one of the mainstays of European folk medicine, is the dried flowers of a low-growing plant of the daisy family. The entire plant has a pleasant, apple-like smell. (The name chamomile comes from Greek words meaning "ground apple.") When brewed into tea, chamomile flowers release this same aroma and flavor along with a slightly bitter taste. Chamomile tea is an excellent home remedy for upset stomachs. It relieves heartburn, indigestion, and colic and is completely harmless. In addition, it has mild relaxant and sedative properties. You can give it to infants and young children with good results, as well as to old people. Most people find the taste of the tea agreeable. You can buy extracts of chamomile in herb stores, and ordinary tea bags of it are now available in most supermarkets. As long as they have a strong fragrance, they are fine to use. Brew the tea in a covered container to prevent loss of the volatile constituents in steam. Let the flowers steep in the hot water for ten minutes before pouring.