Rubbing Your Skin the Wrong Way?

Rubbing Your Skin the Wrong Way?
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Who could ever forget the face of PR diva, Samantha Jones, in the “Sex and the City” episode where, hours before Carrie’s book signing party, she consents to a professional skin-resurfacing procedure. (“It only takes 15 minutes and can take 10-20 years off your face,” she’s told by her kindly doctor.) Needless to say, the results truly turn out to be a raw deal. She emerges looking like an overripe tomato. Ouch!

Today, millions of procedures, like the one Samantha experienced, are performed in dermatologist’s offices. These “skin-refinishing” treatments are designed to exfoliate the layers of skin to improve pores, fade discolorations, minimize wrinkles and reduce scarring. One of the most popular is dermabrasion. In this procedure, a tiny jet-stream of abrasive aluminum crystals or diamond studded hand pieces is gently steered across the skin’s surface, breaking apart the surface layers of dead cells, to smooth and finish the complexion. The result is fresher, healthier, rejuvenated skin with enhanced surface quality.

But even the mildest of these procedures can cause redness irritation, scaling and swelling prompting many to instead seek out the newer at-home micro-dermabrasions. Unfortunately, many of the do-it-yourself products on the market today carry similar harsh and irritating consequences. Some require multiple steps, others machine application techniques. Some are complicated to use, while others are easy to overdo.

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