Do You Know When To Take Your Vitamins?

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If you take daily supplements, vitamins or herbs, the following guidelines can help to lessen or prevent any side effects – and help to promote the full benefits supplements can provide:

  1. Take your supplements during or right after a meal, unless directed otherwise, and drink plenty of fluids as well. The increased acid and enzymes that are a part of digestion can aid in their absorption.
  2. Take consistently to achieve maximum health benefits. It usually takes two to three months before you feel the full positive effects of adding nutritional supplements. Use a pillbox or set reminders to create habits.
  3. Take as indicated. Your supplements may be recommended or packaged for morning, noon or evening dosages, based on your individual health needs. For maximum benefit, take your supplements at the time of day indicated on the package.

In addition, keep your physician informed about your supplement usage.

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