Trouble Sleeping? Try This Scent

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If you experience anxiousness and troubled sleep, but don’t want to use prescription or over-the-counter sedatives, consider jasmine. Researchers have found that the scent of jasmine is as effective as Valium and similar drugs for relieving anxiety, promoting more peaceful sleep, and reducing anxiety upon waking. Jasmine fragrances were even shown to have the same neurochemical mechanism of action as barbiturates.

You can get the benefits of jasmine by taking a warm bath or shower with jasmine-scented soaps before bedtime, or placing a diffuser containing jasmine in your bedroom. Make sure you use products that have actual jasmine in the ingredients and not just the scent of jasmine.

Other recommendations for getting quality rest include paying attention to your sleep hygiene – don’t drink anything containing caffeine or alcohol for a few hours before bedtime, keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, reduce screen time as you start winding down for the night and make sure there is minimal or no light when you go to sleep. It’s also helpful to spend time outdoors and be active during the day.

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