Is Store-Bought Microwave Popcorn Bad Unhealthy?

Popcorn can be a healthful snack, as it is a good source of fiber and relatively low in calories. However, if you want to partake in this movie-watching favorite, steer clear of microwave popcorn. Not only are most microwavable varieties loaded with artificial flavors, sodium and unhealthy fat, but they can expose you to chemicals that are added to the artificial butter flavoring and used in the lining of microwavable popcorn bags. (Newer, cleaner versions of microwave popcorn are now available, ask you local health food store.)

Instead of risking the potential hazards of microwave popcorn or paying a premium for cleaner versions, go a more natural route – air-pop kernels and then flavor them with a little tamari, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, dried dill or a little grated Parmesan cheese (or create your own mixture of flavors). You can mist the popcorn lightly with a little purified water or toss in a bit of olive oil before adding dry flavorings to help them stick. Alternatively, you can pop 1/4 cup of kernels in three tablespoons of olive oil in a three-quart saucepan on medium-high heat.

Click here to see a video on making healthy microwave popcorn!

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