Feeling Bloated? Try These 4 Suggestions

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Many of us are familiar with the abdominal bloating and swollen fingers that accompany water retention. Whether you retain fluid due to hormonal changes or after eating too much salty food, don’t reach for prescription or even over-the-counter diuretics, both of which can affect the kidneys, electrolyte levels and have unpleasant side effects. Instead, try the following:

  1. Eat sensibly, and watch your salt intake. Most sodium in the American diet comes from breads and processed foods, so aim for the whole, natural versions of food.
  2. Get regular exercise. Things that challenge the muscles will be best to move blood back to the heart. Try wall slides or air squats to work the bigger leg muscles.
  3. Drink organic black tea, which is a safe, natural diuretic.
  4. Try an herbal diuretic such as corn-silk tea or freeze-dried dandelion leaf. Both are mild and nontoxic. You can get corn-silk tea in health-food stores or make it yourself if you have access to fresh corn by steeping the silks in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink one cup two to four times a day. The dose for freeze-dried dandelion is one or two capsules, two to four times a day.

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