3 Reasons You Should Start The Day With Grapefruit

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Pink or white, with seeds or seedless, grapefruit is delicious, tart and refreshing. Eating it regularly is a great way to get your vitamin C in just a few calories: an average-size grapefruit has about 70 calories total. Plus this citrus fruit offers other benefits. Research suggests it may:

  1. Protect against cancers of the prostate, lung and colon
  2. Support immune function
  3. Lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol

When choosing, look for a thick skin and heavy weight – both help to ensure a juicier fruit. Enjoy grapefruit sectioned and tossed in a salad, or on its own. Skip the traditional sprinkle of sugar, and learn to appreciate its natural, subtle sweetness. Do not associate the wonderful benefits of grapefruit with drinking grapefruit juice. Instead, focus on eating the fruit to consume all of the benefits without a large sugar load.

You should also be aware that grapefruit juice contains substances that can influence the absorption and metabolism of a number of drugs. If you drink grapefruit juice and take prescribed medications, the effects of the drugs can be multiplied. Read the package insert included with your medication or ask your pharmacist or physician.

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