Are You Allergic To Your Jewelry? See What May Be The Cause

If you develop a rash or itchiness when wearing jewelry, you are likely allergic to the metals in the jewelry, in particular, nickel. Nickel – a component of metal alloys found in jewelry – is a common allergen that is becoming more prevalent as nickel is used in jewelry, eyeglass frames, zippers, belt buckles and more, including mobile devices such as cell phones, physical activity trackers and handheld computers.  Nickel can also be found in ear, facial and body piercings, and dental work.

A nickel allergy usually comes on within 48 hours of exposure, and can last up to four weeks. It can appear as skin irritations including itching, rash and redness, or dry patches; severe reactions can include blistering of the skin.

You can address allergic reactions by applying a cream or lotion made with calendula. This herbal remedy is very soothing to irritated skin. To prevent a future reaction, wear only jewelry that is free of nickel.

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