4 Ways To Get Rid Of Corns On Your Feet

A “corn” is the layman’s term for a foot condition in which thickening and hardening of the skin’s surface layer accompanies a deep-seated mass of dense tissue, called a nucleation. These callous growths can cause pain or discomfort when standing, walking or running, and are often the result of wearing shoes that do not fit properly. A corn generally appears wherever there is continuous pressure or friction on the foot. If you have corns, make sure your shoes fit properly and avoid wearing socks or stockings that bind your feet too tightly. To deal with the irritation that corns can cause, try the following:

  1. Use a pumice stone to reduce the thickness of a corn. Soak your feet prior to using it so that the corn is soft when you rub it.
  2. Use moleskin or other non-medicated pads to reduce the pressure and pain.
  3. Discard ill-fitting footwear and find products that offer both good support and a proper fit.
  4. Consider using an over-the-counter corn-removal solution. Apply with caution, as they often contain acids. Never use these solutions if you’re diabetic or have any problem with circulation in the feet.

If the remedies above don’t help, see a podiatrist or other health-care professional who treats foot problems.

Don’t miss next Saturday‚Äôs tip, when we cover ways to address dry, cracked heels.

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