Breast Cancer - 4 Foods to Avoid

To support national education during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thursday's Daily Tip throughout October will focus on breast cancer awareness, prevention and treatment. 

Last Thursday's Daily Tip covered foods that women should include in their diet, as they may have a preventive effect against breast cancer. Today, we list some dietary habits to avoid, as they may increase the risk of breast cancer. 

  1. Eating too much fat. Keep your dietary fat content low - below 25 percent of your daily calories is ideal.
  2. Consuming animal fats, polyunsaturated fats (including many vegetable oils), and hydrogenated oils (margarines and vegetable shortenings) can all increase cancer risks. Minimize consumption of all.
  3. Drinking alcohol. Even in modest amounts, alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.
  4. A daily intake of conventionally raised meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. These may contain hormone residues that influence estrogen metabolism. Replace with organic, hormone-free versions and use sparingly.

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